ELEVATE: agile design for high potential learners


The ELEVATE program comes at a time when there is considerable interest, both nationally and internationally, in reshaping schooling to optimise the strengths of all learners. This robust innovation program will support leading educators to collaboratively design and implement powerful practices to lift learning outcomes for high potential learners. ELEVATE has been initiated by AISNSW and amplified by strategic partnerships with the UK-based Innovation Unit, and the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership. Funding for this program has been provided by the Australian Government Students First Support Fund and AISNSW.

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Middle Leaders as Catalysts for Evidence‐Informed Change
Middle leaders who have the capacity to exchange practice knowledge and high quality research, and can track its impact on changes in practice and student outcomes, have the potential to be catalysts for evidence‐informed change.
Teaching and learning
Innovation , Design thinking , Case for change
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Awakening the Sleeping Giants
Two decades of longitudinal research in six Australian education jurisdictions has shown that when teachers deprivatise their practice and begin to collaboratively and consistently focus on the pedagogical priorities for their students’, learning outcomes for students, staff and the school improve …
Case for change , Teacher quality
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Challenging Thinking about HPLs: Innovate or Stagnate?
Professional networks are absolutely vital to the smooth and efficient functioning of our schools, and as a group of professionals we are all probably connected to a wide variety of important...
Ideas and inspiration
Underachievement , Innovation , Design thinking
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Leading Voices

An inspiring collection of perspectives on lifting the performance of high potential learners.

The Leading Voices initiative is an additional strategic partnership between the Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales (AISNSW) and the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). The Leading Voices elaborate on issues to expand our thinking about approaches to high potential learning.

This collection of videos and articles is intended to prompt meaningful conversations about challenging and supporting Australia's high potential learners and are readily available to all educators. Access Leading Voices